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Why "Love & Beauty" Cupcakes?

Not to sound too sappy, but my husband, Jeff, is actually the inspiration for the name.  He has spent most of our married life following his own motto of "love & beauty." When life or business is challenging, he devotes his efforts to building and maintaining love and beauty in our lives.

Jeff & Millie

Jeff & Me on our 17th Anniversary

He coaches my son's baseball team, works in the yard, researches Japanese Maples, and learns songs on the piano - because he always wants to keep his attention on the love and beauty in his life.


Our Back Yard, Spring 2024

I found myself wishing that I had my own "Love & Beauty" to pursue and then realized that I do!  It's my cupcakes.  My cupcakes are my link to a world of colors, creativity, and loveliness.  

I didn't start out planning to be a cupcake decorator.  In fact, at first, I was not good at it!  This whole cupcake foray started as a Covid baking pastime that I shared with my daughter, Olive.  She was 11 and very into baking, so we spent a lot of time in the kitchen during those long months.  Olive was determined that we should have a "business" and in February of 2020, we went all in and started MooCakes & Treats.  

Olive & Me, August 2020


My First Rose

A Recent Rose

Aftfftftffftftftftftftter Olive went back to school, the business pretty much became mine and I found myself very drawn to floral cupcakes.  After many, many failed efforts and many YouTube tutorials, I managed to make a buttercream flower that I wasn't too embarrassed to show to others! 

More and more, my passion became about decorating the cupcakes, rather than baking them.  And, more and more, my cupcakes became something that I was proud to provide for others.  I'm always honored and a little nervous when I'm asked to create cupcakes for my clients' special occasions. I don't take for granted that you rely on me to provide what is often the centerpiece of your most cherished events: special birthdays and anniversaries, baby and wedding showers, graduation parties, and even weddings!  

I've come to think of my cupcakes as Special Occasion Cupcakes because they're not for every day events (although, they eat just as well on a Tuesday afternoon as they do on a Saturday night 🙂).  And, I count myself as lucky to be part of so many of your special events.  Thank you all for your trust and confidence in me!   

- Millie Shaw

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