MooCakes stands for "Millie & Olive's Outstanding Cupcakes!  It is the result of a lifelong love affair between Millie, Olive, and Dessert.

About Us

Olive Shaw - Baker, Taster, Fondant Artist, Ideas Gal

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Olive has literally spent her entire life working to develop her baking and cupcake decorating skills.  She is obsessed with the TLC show, DC Cupcakes, and Kids' Baking Championship on Food Network.  She dreams of competing on Kids Baking Championship and wowing Duff and Valerie!

Olive has grand ideas and she makes our business great with her belief that she can do anything.  She dreams big and works hard to make her dreams a reality!

Millie Shaw - Baker, decorator, janitor


Millie is Olive's mom and spends most of her baking time cleaning up after Olive.  She co-owned a catering company while in college and has spent the last 20 years foisting her cupcakes upon unsuspecting friends and acquaintances.


Millie and Olive work together to develop and perfect all of the amazing MooCakes flavors.  And when they're finished creating for the day, Millie cleans up the kitchen.